About us

Millstone strength
Industrial innovation

Edale is a wealth boutique focusing on investments and investment-related services for investment firms and wealthy clients.

The team has extensive experience in investments in regulated markets as well as internationally, in both conventional and ethical mandates.

Our aim is to make investing easier.

In simple terms

Edale was born out of a desire to provide world-leading products and savings to clients' across the world.

The founders are qualified investment practitioners that regularly travel to clients.

By Oct 2018
We'd travelled 564,371 km
Seen 72 Cities
In 21 Countries

Hand picked investment talent

Edale hand picks fund managers and investment products from a constantly evolving universe to provide a suite of best in class investments for the client.

Whatever the client situation, we focus on creating investments that are tailored to each client’s unique needs.

We have a broad investment perspective and support the advisers relationship.

Client focused and ongoing service

Edale has an investment approach and profiling process that was developed in the institutional market though just as valuable for high net worth investors.

Our new client approach focuses on:

  • Risk control - downside protection should not be overlooked in the quest for growth
  • Time horizon - wise investors focus on the long term
  • Robust investments - good investments require ensuring strength of counterparties and providers

An agile superpower

Big firm experts offering superior products that show flair and leading edge thinking